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Businesses in Fishers are at a competitive disadvantage under the authority of a THIRD and DUPLICATIVE City Health Department. Moreover, businesses were unfairly targeted by the Fishers Health Department at a time when they were most vulnerable. While restaurants across the street were permitted to be open, Fishers restaurants were shut down and threatened with fines. Employers lost money. Employees lost the opportunities they were counting on to earn money that would help them and their families get through difficult times. Other businesses in Fishers were burdened by a third set of regulations, orders and mandates for no reason other than to advance the political careers of people in positions of power. Other cities in Hamilton County had clear and educated guidance from state and county authorities and did not suffer from the confusion brought on my the third layer of regulation. We need to work together with our neighbors in Hamilton County to restore the balance to Fishers and make our businesses competitive again.

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