FHD Has No Legal Authority

What the Mayor DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW, is that the City of Fishers has ZERO legal authority to enforce any of its mandates or orders. This is explained by the fact that (yet another thing the Mayor and the FHD overlooked when creating the new, additional, overlapping government agency from scratch in the middle of a pandemic) a city ordinance APPROVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL is required to allow the FHD to issue fines or take any other action other than “”furnish evidence” to the Hamilton County Attorney. We all know how happy Hamilton County is with the Mayor’s precipitous withdrawal from partnership with the county, so don’t expect any cooperation there any time soon.

You can read the actual code here: CHAPTER 173: COMMUNICABLE DISEASE (amlegal.com)

The Mayor DID try to SNEAK in a change to the code that WOULD HAVE allowed the FHD to FINE PEOPLE & BUSINESSES up to $500, but the CITY COUNCIL quickly shot that down. The Mayor’s attempt to punish residents failed and the language below never passed:

Healthy Fishers has provided a simple card for people who would like to be prepared should they come across one of these FHD “ENFORCERS.”  We encourage you to show it to them and remind them that their intimidation is unappreciated and that you are fully aware of your rights.

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