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Going it Alone Makes Fishers LESS Healthy

When it comes to matters of health and safety, the more we work together with experts the healthier we will be. Did you know that only a few people at the Fishers Health Department make decisions that effect nearly 100,000 residentsIf that sounds crazy, that’s because it is – and no other city in Indiana made the mistake of creating an extra health department in the middle of a global pandemic. The Indiana State Department of Health is over 100 years old and has more than 1,000 experts working on health related matters. The Hamilton County Health Department has been working to provide all the services required for citizens of Hamilton County for decades and is well established and respected in the health care community. At a time when we needed to come together and work with these experts, Mayor Fadness and the Fishers Health Department chose to make their own decisions  and disregard the guidance provided by the CDC, Indiana State Department of Health and the Hamilton County Health department. It is vital that we repair the relationships that were damaged, return the funding that has been siphoned away from the county and work together towards a more Healthy Fishers.

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